1. What is Zhewitra?

If you have been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and are using pills, then there is a wide variety of pills that are available in the market and Zhewitra is one of them.

Used for treating impotency and erection problems generic Vardenafil is the active substance of the oral Zhewitra pills.

Manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. it is marketed in the name of Zhewitra and sold worldwide. Generic Vardenafil or Zhewitra is available for online buying as well as available in the local medicine shops too.

2. What does Zhewitra do?

Do you want to cure your erection problem even if it is temporary only? Taking the generic Vardenafil containing Zhewitra is a good option that you can consider. People suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and impotence problems suffer from poor quality lackluster erections that reduce their willingness and temptation to have sex.

But if you use generic Vardenafil containing Zhewitra pills you can get harder erections and even sustain it for a longer time.

Intake of a pill containing generic Vardenafil causes an increase of blood supply to the blood vessels in the penis. This helps the penis to become sensitive to touches and with a bit of stimulation, you can hope to get harder long sustaining erections.

3. How Zhewitra works?


Zhewitra or generic Vardenafil prohibits the synthesis of PDE-5 hormones in the blood vessels.

This is the first action once the Vardenafil becomes active.

Using these pills increases the presence of cGMP hormone in the blood and thus activating the natural vasodilating agent in the blood of nitric oxide.

This instantly relaxes the blood vessels in the body increasing blood flow to the penis.

How long does it take for Zhewitra to work?

It is better to take generic Vardenafil containing Zhewitra pills a minimum of 20-30 minutes before having sex as this will ensure that you can have erections within some time. The use of generic Vardenafil requires some time before it starts showing the effects.

4. How Zhewitra treats erectile dysfunction?

Generic Vardenafil is effective in curing minor cases or where the patient is suffering from mild cases of Erectile Dysfunction. In cases of severe issues, it only has temporary effects and patients may have to use them regularly before having sex.

5. What is the Zhewitra dosage?

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ED pills containing generic Vardenafil are available in the market in different doses. Here are the three doses that you can choose from as far as Zhewitra is concerned-

20 mg Vardenafil is the lightest dose while the 60 mg of Vardenafil containing Zhewitra contains the maximum dose.

How to take Zhewitra?

            Here are the simple instructions that you should follow to take Zhewitra-

  • Consult the doctor and find the accurate dose for generic Vardenafil.
  • Take the dose of generic Vardenafil only in the time prescribed by the doctor.
  • Talk glass half-filled with plain potable water and swallow one pill every 24 hours with not much but a mouthful of water.
  • You are not allowed to break, crush, or chew the pills as generic Vardenafil pills are only intended for swallowing.
  • Alcohol and other drugs can cause serious contraindications.

How long will Zhewitra last?

Wondering how long will have effects on your erection? Generic Vardenafil can stay effective for up to 12 hours but that depends on the amount of strength of the medicines you have taken.

The 60 mg dose will easily sustain for around 12 hours. While the 40 mg dose will have effects for around 10-11 hours and the 20 mg dosage for generic Vardenafil is the least effective clocked at a maximum of 8 -9 hours.

6. Zhewitra specification

The main ingredient of the Zhewitra Erectile Dysfunction and impotence pills are generic Vardenafil.

Zhewitra storage care

The ideal storage conditions for ED pills Zhewitra is normal room temperature. If you have bought medicines for long-term treatment in bulk and purchased them in bulk from a medicine shop or online portal it is of prime importance to keep them in proper condition.

For best storage care avoid areas of excess humidity and avoid wet places. Also do not store the generic Vardenafil pills in deep freezing conditions.

7. Zhewitra side effects

The general side effect is as follows for Zhewitra ED pills-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pains
  • Face turning pale
  • Digestion problems
  • Body joint pains
  • Tightness of chest
  • Difficult to inhale and exhale
  • Fast and irregular heartbeat
  • Fainting and
  • Heart attack as well

In any case, you should inform the doctor even if the side effects cropping up are milder. Do not avoid them especially if they are repetitive and do not go away after taking the first few doses of generic Vardenafil.

8. Zhewitra interactions

Various interactions are possible for generic Vardenafil as listed below-

  • Alcohol and drugs

The highest and the most potentially severe interactions can happen with alcohol and drugs. Reduce them first for taking regular courses.

  • Antibiotics

Certain types of antibiotics have shown a greater affinity for interacting with generic Vardenafil.

  • Antivirals

The use of certain antiviral medicines and creams should be done with care. Talk to the doctor for more information on generic Vardenafil interactions with these pills.

  • Pregnant women

Pregnant and lactating women should use generic Vardenafil ED pills with a lot of care and stay under the supervision of a doctor.

  • Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice has also a higher tendency of showing severe side effects and interactions with generic Zhewitra.

  • Certain HIV and contraceptive pills

Some HIV and contraceptive pills have to be used with caution and only after you have consulted with the doctor regarding the same.

9. Zhewitra precautions

In general, avoid overdosing on generic Zhewitra ED pills. Take your pills on time and ensure the steps mentioned above too. People with certain heart disorders, liver and kidney disorders, and nerve disorders should talk to the doctor about using generic Zhewitra.

Who should not take it?

Any people who have undergone instances of heart attack, stroke, surgery of the heart, liver, nerves, or kidney or might have suffered from serious diseases of the organs as listed above.

10. What are the benefits of taking Zhewitra tablets?

The benefits are you can get the lowest prices as shopping online will provide you with attractive discounts. Even generic Zhewitra is lower prices than some of the other ED pills.

11. What happened if Zhewitra overdosed?

Even if you are not seeing any positive effects now, consult the doctor, and maybe you will see the good effects in the long-term.

Taking higher doses can cause potential side effects that can even be more severe in those patients who are allergic to Vardenafil ED pills.

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Check out which portals are offering the best prices and offers as this may vary from one country to another and then confirm your order.

14. Conclusion

Generic Vardenafil Zhewitra pills are good for curing penis erection disorders and problems of impotence. The pills can be used for long-term treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and impotence as they are highly affordable.

After lots of research and studies of patients taking generic Vardenafil, it has also been observed that patients rarely encounter the dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects.

Thus only the patients have to ensure taking the right amounts and avoiding overdosage.

15. Zhewitra reviews

It has got positive Zhewitra reviews after use by most patients. The use of medicines has been able to show both long-term and short-term positive effects.  The medicines can be bought online at cheap prices and even don’t have some of the worst severe conditions that are rarely reported.

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