1. You can certainly be assured of the commitments that we are furnishing to you that we don’t hold any form of liability from our employees who were working with us.
  2. It is the responsibility of the consumer or the buyer to know about what are the sorts of medications that he’s opting for. As a buyer, it is always recommended for you to not purchase any medications that are listed over here unless recommended by your reputed doctor or a general physician. This ensures the safety of the buyer.
  3. The pictures that are provided on the page of the website are to make sure that the customers can get a general idea of how the drugs may look in the real world. However, it does not mean necessarily that the drugs are 100% going to represent the exact image that has been displayed on the website. The company or the website maker does not hold any liability if the customer gets medications that do not resemble the picture listed on the website.
  4. While buying products, the customer must know that the medications that have been listed on the website are priced in terms of United States dollars. Usages of US dollars have been done to ensure that people from all around the world are going to get an idea of how much the medication that has been listed is going to cost.

Pricing and Discounts 

  1. The rates of the product that have been listed over on the page are bound to change with due time. The website does not determine the base value of these products or medicines that have been listed on the page and certainly if the prices of these medications by the drug manufacturer are increased, the website has to increase the prices of the drugs that have been listed.
  2. Discounts that have been levied upon each medication are bound to change with time. Depending upon the availability and the demand in the market, Arrowpills holds the right of changing the rebates levied upon each drug.


  1. The website and the company hold the right to delete or discontinue any delivery reassurance that the website I chose to the customer ways ordering from the page. The website does have the right of also scrapping down any order if it violates the terms and conditions and policies that have been enlisted by the company. Also, if it is found that the deliverer is to be done at a place that is not accessible, the company holds the right of canceling the order without any prior notice.
  2. The deliverer of the product is to be done by the executives and employees of the company. However, if anyhow it is found that the delivery agent encounters any sort of problem that may delay your delivery time, the website shall not hold any responsibility in paying any form of compensation to you for the late delivery.
  3. All the products and medications that have been listed on the website are highly generic in nature and that is why it is really important for you to understand to not buy this medication unless recommended by a reputed doctor.
  4. All these medications have been developed and built to serve the needs of an adult. It is highly not recommended for any individual was not yet attained the age of majority to buy this medication at any cost.
  5. The company holds the right of living penalty to a customer view buys these medications and sells it himself as a third party drug dealer. Also, the company holds the right of freezing the person’s account that does any form of activity that is not legal in terms of the law of the company policy and the land.
  6. While buying the product from the website, it is recommended to the customers to make sure that you have a good connection to the Internet. If your payment gets stuck due to any form of Internet problem, the company is not liable for such mishap and you need to make sure that you take the right actions on your own.


  1. The confidentiality of the customers is our topmost priority. We at Arrowpills Ensure that none of our customer’s confidential details are revealed to anyone and are always kept as a secret from our side. Protecting the privacy of every individual is the commitment that we offer to our customers were wanting to purchase medications from us.

Shipping Policy

  1. According to our company’s guidelines and policy, we assured our customers that we do not share any of the banking details or any sensitive information of the customer with anyone. If anyone asks you for details like sharing your password, or your ATM pin, it is suggested to you to immediately contact local police or at least don’t fall into such traps as we never ask our customers for sharing such forms of sensitive details at the first place.


  1. For every person visiting the website, it is recommended to open an account on the page which is completely free of cost. It ensures that you are going to get timely updates on the prices of the medicines that have been listed on the website in your email alone.
  2. Signing up for a free account gives you a wider range of options while choosing payment-related services and also discounts on each medicine.