Kegel exercises for men

Doing kegel exercises for men, you can think of this as a subsidiary form of complementary treatment when you are facing problems in erections, suffering from prostate cancer, or incontinence.

In simple words when you are suffering from prostate cancer or the problems of incontinence men lose control over their urination.

This means that they might not be able to control the urge to urinate as there is no voluntary control over the pelvic floor muscles.

When you do kegel exercises daily you are just trying to strengthen them so that you can get better control over urination.

Kegel exercises for men can also be done by those who are suffering from the problems of lack of natural erections commonly called ED.

What happens in ED or erectile dysfunction is that men are not able to get harder erections for penetration naturally upon stimulation.

Kegel exercises for men

Understanding the benefits of kegel exercises

With kegel exercises done daily, there are many long term benefits that one has to especially notice. You can reduce your chances of suffering from prostate cancer and even sexual problems like ED and impotence.

Although it takes time for you to build your pelvic floor muscles you can expect to reduce the worsening effects even when you are suffering from incontinence, prostate cancer, and ED.

Doing your kegel exercises- know the right technique

Understanding the right technique for doing kegel exercises is of prime importance. You can get well but only when you are following the right method or technique of doing the exercises.

Here is how to do your kegel exercises in the right way-

Remember that the only formula to do the kegel exercises in the right way is to tighten your kegel exercises and hold them for a minimum of 5-10 seconds depending on how quickly you get stressed.

Don’t overdo or over stress yourself as this can cause more damage to the muscles instead of strengthening them.

In one set you have to do more than 10-20 repetitions.

When one set is over try to get back your breath while inhaling and exhaling normally. It is inherent for you to take at least 30 seconds to break in between two consecutive sets. 

Don’t hold your breath when you are doing your sets of kegel exercises and instead just try and breathe normally through the nostrils.

Imagine yourself that you are just tightening your muscles without tightening the muscles in your stomach, buttocks, and thighs.

When should you do kegel exercises?

You can do the various kegel exercises when you are suffering from some of the sexual problems such as ED or impotence or if you are suffering from prostate cancer and undergoing treatment.

One of the straight advantages that you derive out of doing kegel exercises daily is the fact that they can help you to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger.

These are those muscles that support the urinary bladder. Doing kegel exercises daily will also help you to control urination.

It’s always suggested by the doctors to do the kegel exercises as a form of subsidiary treatment for incontinence.

One of the great things is just like any form of exercise is that this has no side effects on your body unlike any surgical or medication of treatment.

And of course, if you remain busy in your daily life schedule that’s okay as you can do your set of kegel exercises at any time during the day.

And the furthermore advantage as mentioned is that you don’t need any exercising equipment too for doing the kegel exercises except floor mats and knowing the right technique.   

In a day will have to do kegel exercises multiple times or is it okay to do the exercises at any one time during the day?

It’s okay that you do your kegel exercises at any one time during the day according to your convenience. It could be that when you are first starting you will not be able to do more than 5 or 10 times. You will probably get stressed out or fatigued out easily.

But try and increase the repetitions in a set to around 20 times. Do at least 3-5 sets of kegel exercises daily.

This will help you to form stronger pelvic floor muscles that decrease the risk of prostate cancer and also fight the problems of incontinence along with ED and impotence as well.  

Determining the time factor for seeing the beneifts of doing kegel exercises

Depending on how consistent you are in doing your exercises daily you can see some changes but it will take some time. You have to keep the belief in yourself more than ever and keep doing the exercises daily rather than losing hope.

You see that when you are doing any form of exercise the changes often take more than a month or even several months to become noticeable.

As with kegel exercises for better sexual performance and for fighting off incontinence problems and ED problems the same thing applies here as well.

When you are doing kegel exercises daily you can see the changes but may take well around 8-10 weeks to see the foreseeable changes.

Can you assure me of getting cent percent results after doing the kegel exercises daily for several months?

When you are suffering from incontinence problems or sexual dysfunction problems such as ED or impotence doing kegel exercises can be easily taken up as a subsidiary or complementary form of treatment.

But it also depends on how you do it, whether you are following the right technique, the type of disorder, the severity level of the disorder, and even how well your body copes with the problem.

At least doing the kegel exercises over a consistent period will help you to prevent matters from getting even worse.

The fact is that you can easily take out at least 5-20 minutes daily and do a few sets of kegel exercises daily. Doing this over a long time you can see some good results and maybe even be able to cure the problems to almost negligible.

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