Do Eyelashes grow back

Girls love doing a lot of makeup on their faces. From foundation on the face, to nail polish in the nails on the feet, eyelashes are one of the most important matters in girls’ makeup. If being correct in numbers, the upper layer of the eye has 100 to 150 eyelashes. And the lower layer has 60 to 70 eyelashes.

They are as simple as all our hairs on our bodies. Like our hairs grow, fall, and then again grow. They are also made of keratin, the protein element which is responsible for the growth of hair. If everything in your body process is natural and functioning as it should be, but if eyelashes start falling due to mechanical pressure or any other reason, then the eyelashes grow again. So, in this case, you shouldn’t worry.

The constituent of proteins, i.e., amino acids, determines the growth of keratin. In this case, your stress level should rise. In this article we will discuss the growth of eyelashes, the reason for their fall, how to prevent them.

Eyelashes grow back

Why do not eyelashes grow back?

  • Most of the reasons for the fall of hair in other parts of the body are the same for the fall of eyelashes.
  • One of the basic reasons is wrong makeup. Ladies put mascara on the eyelashes. Mascara is also made of chemicals. The lady using may not know that she is allergic to it. So, allergy is one of the reasons.
  • If you are undergoing the treatment of cancer or in the recovery process, then the loss of hair and eyelashes are its side-effects and you need not worry a lot.
  • But, if the reasons are something else, and internal, then consult your doctor. He/she will find the root problem.
  • Hyperthyroidism is the condition in which less thyroid hormone is secreted and vice-versa in hypothyroidism.

How to control eyelashes to grow back

  • Well, to control the eyelashes, there are a few steps. Depending on the reasons there are solutions.
  • While applying mascara try to apply it slowly and without much force. As it may pluck some of them.
  • Follow the same precautions in times of hair fall. Eat a protein-rich diet to build more keratin which will ensure properness of your eyelashes.
  • Another reason is to lower the blood pressure of the aqueous humor of the eye fluid. The lower pressure helps in the more and fast growth of eyelashes.
  • One such product is Carepost drops. It helps in rejuvenating the growth of eyelashes. It is a licensed drug manufactured by Sun Industries Ltd.

The growing cycle of eyelashes

Just like the hair on other heads and other body parts of the body, eyelashes also have a periodic cycle of growth. Consisting of three stages of growth, the beginning stage is described as the Anagen Phase.

Anagen Phase: This is the first phase in the growth of eyelashes. In this phase, the hair follicles are newly sprouted out. The duration of this phase is about 40 to 45 days. If the follicle falls out during this period, the new follicle will not grow right away. The follicle will regrow, only after the end of this phase.

Catagen Phase: This is the intermediate phase, and the transition phase, in this the new sprouted follicle contracts and becoming a fully established eyelash day by day. If your eyelashes fall during this period, until the catagen phase is completed, the new one will not grow.

Telogen Phase: This is the last and phase in which most of your eyelashes are currently undergoing. In this phase, the follicle is established. If due to any reason your eyelashes fall during this stage, they will regrow quickly. The new one will start its anagen phase on the same spot.

At a time, your eyelashes can be in all three stages of growth. Some may be in anagen, some in telogen, in this manner. Falling of eyelashes is a natural process, just like hair scalp, if their keratin base gets older and receives less protein.

So, if your eyelashes have grown quickly within a few days, or taking a long time. It always doesn’t mean that you’re a victim of any disorder. It also may be due to its natural growth cycle.

Precautions for eyelashes fall

  • Well, eyelashes rarely fall in large chunks, like hair fall. During the day many eyelashes fall which we don’t even realize.
  • They make up a small part of our outward appearance, we should not worry much about it.
  • But if you want to prevent it at any cost. Then follow a few preventive measures.
  • Change the mascara you are using, and try a new and branded one. As you may be allergic to the mascara you now using.
  • Well, if your eyelashes turn dead, or greyish and you want to remove them. Don’t just pluck like a berry from the tree by applying full force.
  • Make the process smoother by applying an oil-based cleanser.
  • Try to be as natural as possible. Nowadays there is an ocean of cosmetic products including mascaras. Try to use 100% natural ones that have no side-effects like inflammation of the eye.
  • Reduce the quantity of makeup and vanity. As your eyelashes are introduced to more varieties of chemicals and additives. Their follicle base becomes fragile and easier to get plucked.

Try to be as god sent you to this world without make-up. Outward appearances are deceptive. In the quest of impressing try to gain some wisdom and don’t make yourself suffer. In today’s time not only youth but, others are focusing more on external beauty, than on the internal one.

The basis of all the problems of your body and mind is your diet, the meal intake. The functioning of your vehicle depends on the quality of fuel and engine oil you use. So, eat a balanced diet, and a protein-rich one for hair and eyelashes problems.

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